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5 Tips for WOW Moments in UA Video Ads
Slide Start With a Bang #5 The 1st 3 seconds need to clarify what the game is all about - what’s my goal, what are the controls and how to win. Have your WOW moment in there. If not - make sure it’s in the 1st 8 seconds. BTW - in simulation games the wow moment can be at the end, if you know your player will get hooked by the process of making something. Slide Fail Like a Pro #4 Fail moments can be used as WOW moments. Although it's a counterintuitive approach, it is a great opportunity to explain what your game is all about, and make it in a cool and surprising way. Slide Unique Mechanics #3 Unexpected and unique mechanics catch the attention of your potential players. They become curious about how it works and what its feels like, and they want to try it out. Be innovative - you don't have to invent the wheel to create something unique. Slide Progression #2 Showing a cool progression moment will break the linear flow and will catch the player’s attention. For example: a frenzy mode that makes the normal mode go bananas with different colors, super speed and bonus points. Slide Give It a Twist #1 Always surprise your potential players with unexpected things: try different themes for different sub-genres, take characters out of their natural habitat and gamify trends in a way no one has done before. Believe it or not, you can create a hit runner game just by making a sausage run :) Slide Ready, Test, Go! Join the CLIK Dashboard for hyper-casual games and test as many game as you like APPLY HERE Share our tips and add yours