Slide By Raquel Korman
Creative Marketing Manager
5 Tips for UA Creatives that Perform
Slide Simple Gameplay #5 Start by testing creatives that show simple, straightforward gameplay.
Choose one level that will capture your viewers - play to win or lose and if relevant, show many close calls (think biking around NYC avoiding cars left and right).
Simple goes a long way in hyper-casual creatives, so don’t overthink things.
Slide Gameplay With a Twist #4 Ready to spice things up? Take your gameplay and mix in some humor. Add hilarious voiceovers, throw in funny music, or use tie dye in an unconventional way... 💩😂
Making your viewers laugh is always a good idea, so think - how can you make your gameplay funny?
Slide Not Your Gameplay #3 Your creatives don’t need to perfectly match your gameplay. Use your creative brain to think of video concepts that will grab your viewer’s attention.
Just make sure that your creatives don’t stray too far from your actual game or it can hurt your other KPIs.
Slide Me vs Mom #2 Add a split screen to your creative and show how a pro plays your game vs a beginner. Add a title like PRO VS NOOB, ME VS MOM, or MILLENIAL VS BOOMER.
This video style can give your game a competitive, social, and funny edge.
Slide Trick or Treat #1 Sometimes the best playable ads are actually video ads in disguise.
Create a moment in your video ad when you prompt the viewer to ‘tap to play’. This tap will lead to the store.
When making this kind of creative, it’s crucial to think about your timing, messaging, and overall look.
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