Slide By Nitzan Or Kedari
Product Manager
5 Tips for the CLIK Dashboard
Slide Test Your Prototype #5 CrazyLabs' CLIK Dashbaord enables developers to test their game prototypes. Before you invest time and money in developing a game, create videos depicting what your game would look like and test your prototype’s marketing appeal on Facebook and Snap. Our professional team can help you brainstorm and develop your idea. Slide Test Your Game #4 Congrats! Your game idea passed the initial test! Before you rush to complete all of the features that you ever dreamed of, let’s focus on a light version to confirm the marketing appeal and stickiness of your game with real downloads. If the video ad you used to test your game idea worked that well, you can use it again!
Slide We ❤️ Data #3 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can tell you what’s been working, what hasn’t and whether you need to improve marketing appeal or stickiness. Look at specific successful videos to figure out what players like. Learn about CTR, CPC, CPI, D1 Retention and choose your desired KPIs. Slide Beware of CPI Decay #2 Marketing appeal doesn't last forever. If your test was successful, start working on the next phase as soon as possible. Focus on quick iterations with incremental changes to avoid wasting time on wrong directions for your game.
Slide CLIK to Win #1 Whatever dashboard you're using , make sure it's a self-serving platform that can help you:
- Test your game ideas
- Test your games
- Review the data
- Iterate fast
Discuss your game with publishing professionals to make sure your game keeps moving forward.

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