Slide By Michal Issachary
VP LiveOps
5 Tips for LiveOps in Hyper-Casual
Slide The Holy LiveOps Grail #5 Make no mistake - the LiveOps stage starts only after the game passes certain KPIs and shows valid business potential. Only then can you work on increasing the game’s live time, make sure it’s sustainable, and improve its ability to gain profit for you and your studio from now to the horizon. Slide Content is King 👑 #4 The more engaging the content is - the more LiveOps you can do. Add levels, improve your level design, create a reach store, give real value and excite your players. With richer content you can add a layer of LiveOps in the form of bonuses, challenges, meta game etc. Players enjoy it and have something to work towards. Slide Focused & Consistent #3 In LiveOps you need a testing method. Choose specific actionable KPIs you would like to improve, such as fail rate , churn rate, acceptance rate etc., and create a set of valid A/B tests you run again and again, until you improve the results. Ultimately it will enhance performance and increase your revenues. Slide Test Everything #2 Assume nothing - test everything. No one knows what’s going to work in advance, so test as many features as possible and focus on creating real value that will improve the game’s performance. If you follow the method, test everything, and measure it all very carefully - you will get the desired results. Slide Game Psychology #1 Integrate into your game design some game psychology with the principle of progression, achievement, and reward. We are motivated to continue to play a game if we get a sense of progression, and feel like we’re getting better at it. Remember - all players want to feel accomplished, achieve success, and be rewarded for it. Slide Ready, Test, Go! Join the CLIK Dashboard for hyper-casual games and test as many game as you like APPLY NOW Share our tips and add yours