Slide By Shai Sasson
Senior Publishing Manager
5 Tips to Speed the Development Process
Slide Ideation & Originality #5 Your idea needs to be viral, needs to be simple to understand and simple to play, and you have to make sure it’s appealing to the masses.
Don’t forget the 3 seconds rule - if it takes longer than 3 seconds to understand and start playing, this isn’t a classic hyper-casual game.
Slide Data is Key #4 Don’t work on features or screens that aren’t necessary to the next test. The data can guide you and help you decide whether or not to continue working on your game. In hyper-casual, data is the ultimate time-saver, and it's one of the things that pushed us to create the CLIK Dashboard.
Slide Gamification #3 Focus on what people are drawn to in a trend, and gamify that precise experience. That way, you can keep the fun in and the mess out. You need to stay as close as possible to the original trend in order to maximize the conversion from viewers to players.
Slide Publishing #2 Before choosing a publisher, find out what type of SDK they use, whether they have self-serve platform for testing, and how transparent is the publishing process. Choose a publisher with a proven record of #1 hyper-casual games. Don't settle on poor communication skills, since you’ll be working together on something that can potentially be worth millions of dollars. Slide Growth & LiveOps #1 Your game is your golden goose, and with the right content and LiveOps actions, it can generate revenues for years. All the time you saved so far, should go into growth. Make sure you're working on a game that has potential to expand even further. Choose a strong partner that knows how to create more depth and keep your game interesting while profitable. Slide ENDLE$$$ PRIZES! Last chance to submit your gameplay video and a video reference to win unlimited prizes! APPLY NOW Share our tips and add yours