Slide By Nir Miretzky
Publishing Manager & Advisor
5 Tips for a Hyper-Casual Game Pitch
Slide A Descriptive Name #5 Give your game pitch a meaningful name - even when you save your file (include your studio name as well). You want the publishing manager that received your pitch to easily search and find your file next time he's looking for it. Your game name (and icon!) should tell the story for you.
* Remember - you can always change the name later.
Slide Keep It Short #4 Use one paragraph to describe what the game is all about. Tell us what's original and innovative in it. Describe the core gameplay in half a paragraph, mention the lose condition and the controls in two lines each.
Bottom line: If you need more text - it’s not a hyper-casual mobile game.
Slide Fun Elements #3 Describe the fun elements in the game and explain why we should all be playing it.
Less words, more visuals - use pictures that inspire and add art references so that the publishing manager can better visualize the suggested game. You can use examples from other games if needed - but make sure to explain your game's unique angle.
Slide Difficulty and Progress #2 Explain the game difficulty and describe the progress throughout the game.
Make sure the publishing manager understands how to get better at your game, and how to get a sense of accomplishment when playing.
Slide Get Your GIF On

#1 One picture is worth a 1000 words.

An animated gif can be worth $1,000,000 💰.

We've seen it happen.
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