Publishing Secrets for CIS Countries

Further to the success of our partners in CIS countries, we’re proud to introduce Boris Vaxman who recently joined our Publishing team in order to focus our efforts for our Russian-speaking partners. If you have a game you want to publish, you can already contact Boris directly
[email protected]           

Telegram: @Waf1337 


But this isn’t another brag post about yet another talent joining CrazyLabs. We got something else for you – keep reading and you’ll get to know Boris even better:

5 Things to Know About Me

By Boris Vaxman

Publishing Manager​​


1. 2.02M

Yes, my height is 2.02 meters. It’s kind of hard to miss it when you see me 🙂
But over the years I learned that being taller than everyone else isn’t necessarily enough – there’s no substitute for hard work, passion for the trade and real knowledge.

My Tip: A
lways try to visualize your game from a new perspective, new point, new idea, new results. 

If you feel too comfortable with your idea it’s probably not the best one. Always challenge yourself and push your game into different directions. Your creativity reaches new heights when you are outside your comfort zone.

2. Gamer + Local Champ!

I’m a gamer at heart. As a teenager I was the Israeli champion at Counter-Strike, and from 2005 I become a hardcore World Of Warcraft player for 7 years. I’m also a former Handball Champ – I played for the Israeli national team and champion Maccabi Rishon LeZion. My gaming and sporting career taught me to always envision my next goal.

My Tip: T
hink fast, work faster and never give up. 

The hyper-casual market is super fast. Always push yourself forward and remember that every good idea that comes to you, may come immediately in thousands of other minds. The only question is who will create a prototype and release it first. Most importantly, never give up. The only way to succeed is through failure. Some even say that failure is the best thing that may happen to you, because it means you’re on your way to success.

3. Monetization Specialist

My former role as a Monetization Specialist was one of the things that sent me back into the gaming industry – but this time as a Publishing Manager. I’m inspired by creative game development studios and I can help you find the sweet spot between marketable and profitable.

My Tip: K
eep them surprised & entertained.

Always offer surprising promotions that will trigger curiosity. Entice your players so they’ll willingly click on your ad. You can do it with daily bonuses, double exp/coins, hourly bonus, bonus levels, new skins / weapons, or any other cool equipment.

4. Martial Arts? Check!

I married into one of the most famous martial arts families here in Israel. My wife’s father and grandfather are 2 people you don’t want to cross ;). It taught me how important it is to work on your game pitch, cause sometimes you only have one shot. I look forward to getting more and more game pitches from our partners.

My Tip: P
eople don’t just download and play games, they look for experiences and come back for the magic.

Today, a good game idea isn’t enough, It’s super important to have a special theme inside it. Make sure your theme is something that can hook players and get them immersed even for a little while.

5. A Publishing Manager for Our Russian-Speaking Teams

I was born in Rostov on Don and came to Israel when I was 3 years old. I joined CrazyLabs to become a dedicated Publishing Manager for our Russian-speaking partners and I know that together we can bring your game to the #1 spot. 


My Tip: Keep an open line of communication with everyone in your professional and personal network.

It’s important when establishing relationships, it’s crucial for excellent teamwork and it’s the key to your success.

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