Slide By Nir Miretzky
Advisor & Publishing Manager
5 Tips to Optimize Your Hyper-Casual Portfolio
Slide Hyper Art Style #5 First things first: make sure the games in your portfolio have a hyper-casual art style. If you’re not sure what type of art is considered hyper-casual - visit the top 10 free to play mobile games any day of the week and play the games. You will quickly get a sense of the hyper art and design. Slide Hyper Gameplay #4 It looks like a given, but more times than not we found portfolios that include pseudo-hyper games. Quick reminder: hyper-casual games are self-explanatory, so that you’ll be able to immediately start playing. These games are infinitely replayable, and once you play the top 10 games in the chart, you’ll know which are hyper and which are not. Slide Beware of Cloneliness #3 Yes, we know, many games have similar mechanics or design, but if you don’t want to end up with a lonely clone, you need to find out something else, you need to give your own twist in the beginning of the gameplay video, and more importantly - find a killer feature / art / mechanics that will make players come back to play. Slide The Chosen One #2 A portfolio with just 1 hyper-casual game can sometimes get much more attention than a portfolio that includes other game types. You wouldn’t send your CV with a description of something irrelevant for the job, would you? The same goes for your portfolio when pitching to a hyper-casual publisher. Slide Make it Easy #1 The ideal pitch includes a link to your game in the stores, but a link to a gameplay video is just as good. Send a direct link with open permissions, so that anyone will be able to watch. Bonus tip - a “No” can always change into a “Yes”. Don’t ever stop working on your portfolio, creating new games and making new gameplay videos. You need one good idea to succeed!
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