Slide By Oded Tsur
Creative Marketing Team Leader
5 Tips to Boost Your Gameplay Ad
Slide Create a Hook #5 You have to grab the player’s attention within the first 2-3 seconds of your gameplay ad. Find a strong hook, even if it isn’t from the game - hell, it doesn’t even have to be related! Use funny pranks, epic fails - whatever grabs the viewer’s attention. Slide Look Outside #4 You know what’s hot and what’s not. Make sure your gameplay ad taps into the hottest trends and connect to whatever is going on in the viewer’s culture at the moment. Creating that familiarity can lead to a smile as well as an install. Slide Let Someone Else Do the Talking #3 When you say it’s a great game, you come off as biased. When someone else says it - they come off as objective. The best man or woman for the job will be a known celebrity, but gaming influencers or well-known bloggers are also a great option.
Slide Get Real #2 We said it before and we’ll say it again - many games are based on offline games people used to play. Find the best visual reference for your mobile game and use it as an intro. The right reference will automatically create a trip down memory lane that will lead to a quick install. Slide Fake It Till You Make It

#1 Sometimes the game isn’t ready yet. But the gameplay ad can be. That’s the great thing about UA creatives, they don’t have to be, well… accurate. Unleash your imagination with fictional features like a special booster, an AR camera and more. As long as it feels like a real part of the game - it’s valid.
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