Slide By Shai Sasson
Head of Publishing
5 Tips for Trend Analysis
Slide Most Popular ≠ Most Successful #5 The hyper-casual trend report we issue every month for our partners shows the popularity of specific themes, for example, but it’s important to remember that the most popular themes are not necessarily the most successful or profitable ones. Make decisions according to all the information you have, not just what’s trendy right now. Slide Subgenres Change Over Time #4 When you analyze the popular subgenres in the trend report, you have to consider the comparison to previous months and see where the changes and shifts occur. For example, while Runners and Arcades may be stagnant, Simulation and Puzzles see shifts from time to time, and give developers an opportunity to shine. Slide 1st Person Vs. 3rd Person #3 While 1st person is still quite niche when it comes to perspective distribution, it is something to notice and follow. This segment can continue to grow and eventually prove to be the more optimized perspective of the two for your next game. Don’t discard it completely just because the numbers are low. Slide Decision Gates & Multipliers #2 Again, these can be discarded as niche categories or actions, but the two should be followed so you can better understand whether the hype is over or just starting. Is this becoming a feature that can generate more playtime? If so, do not overlook it and consider whether your game theme and subgenre support these types of gates. Slide Graphics Distribution #1 Yes, 3D is incredibly dominant, but the fact is that some 2D Narrative and Puzzle games are doing very well in the charts. Decide what you're aiming at: while in 3D the CPI is lower, 2D is so niche that your game will find it easier to top the rest. Take a calculated risk - but when you do, always make sure you have a unique wow moment in the game. Slide Publish Your Game Test your game on the CLIK Dashboard and turn it to a profitable game! APPLY NOW Share our tips and add yours