Slide By Nir Miretzky
Senior PM & CrazyHubs Lead
5 Tips for The Ultimate Video Ad
Slide The Basics #5 Get some gameplay footage with at least 3-5 levels. If possible, don’t include long actions or game sequences that may be hard to edit. Keep it clear and intuitive. Remember that most of the videos you’ll create will be either 30 or 15 seconds of pure gameplay. Ask your friends and colleagues if they understand how to play - that’s a great validation for your gameplay footage. Slide Resolution #4 This one is plain and simple: we recommend using a resolution of 1024x1280 (4:5) 60fps, which will enable you to create slow motion videos when needed. We also recommend getting the exact same footage in 720x1280 (9:16) for Tik Tok tests. Slide Recording #3 Avoid using a screen recorder to record your gameplay - the end result just isn’t as good as you need. Use the Unity Recorder in your Unity Packages - it will create high-end footage, and without any annoying mouse pointers inside the gameplay footage. Slide Make It Interesting #2 Your gameplay should have simple, straightforward play time - but it also needs to include the most riveting moments that get people’s attention. This is your chance to pinpoint some of the most interesting moments inside the game, and use sound as well as sound effects (plus texts and stickers for those who are on mute!) to focus the viewers’ attention in the right direction. Slide Win Some, Fail Some #1 WIN and FAIL footage are extremely important. It’s better to start with a fail and include different fail moments from different levels, to show the variety and let your potential players feel that they got your game figured out. If you don’t have a few levels, you can try to show win/fail moments in a single level - but from different camera angles. Slide Join CrazyHubs Join our hyper-casual gaming accelerators and let's create the next #1 hit game! APPLY NOW Share our tips and add yours