Slide By Lead Game Creative 5 Tips for Innovative Game Ideas Slide Grind Social Media #5 Your users are talking about stuff, wanna listen? If your games have mass appeal, you gotta tap into mass social media, like TikTok. Swipe, swipe and swipe some more. Got some pattern? A new challenge becomes trendy? You can gamify almost anything into a top chart hit, and finding the right trend will get you halfway there. Slide Analyze the Market #4 Market research is always a smart move, especially if you’re aiming for the top charts. Stay on the lookout for new games, monitor new releases and try to pick up hidden patterns and trends. If everyone is pushing a specific concept, they’re usually on to something. Look for games that surprise you, new mechanics that amaze you, and think of ways to make your version even better. Slide Get Our Trend Report #3 Get the access to CLIK Dashboard in order to access the latest Trend Reports focused both on the Top Charts or prototypes being submitted to the store. To get the access to CrazyLabs's report, reach out to our Publishing Team. Slide Go Back in Time #2 A lot of great top chart games are based on retro hits. You can track a vintage blockbuster and try to bring it up to date. You don’t have to use the same trademark assets, you can strip it down to basic concept, design, mechanics, controls, and keep only what you like without stepping on someone’s toes. Slide Open Your Eyes #1 Look, listen, be alert. A lot of great ideas can come from everyday life. The traffic on the way to work, an interesting activity in your free time, a special dessert you crave on weekends… Ideas are everywhere, you just gotta be sensitive enough to spot them, and turn them into a game.