Slide By Yotam Noy
Game Product Owner
5 Tips for A/B Testing
Slide Test Everything #5 Hyper-casual game developers aren’t necessarily hyper-casual players. It means you’re not your target audience, so don’t make any assumptions - test everything. For example, you may want high-end graphics for your game, but hyper-casual players may interpret your beautiful 3D graphics differently, and suspect your game is meant for a more hard-core gaming audience. Make sure to test EVERYTHING. Slide Beware of Changes #4 Minor gameplay tweaks can have a huge effect on your game. For example, a little resistance to the knife movement in Soap Cutting got very very poor results. On the other hand - enabling players to clear the soap crumbles more easily improved the game’s performance significantly. A/B testing core gameplay changes is a must. Slide Premiering Key Features #3 Make sure your players notice your key features, be it by a pop-up, a dedicated menu or a button no one can miss. Don’t be afraid of using rewarded videos in order to invite them in and increase engagement - but make sure to test the different options and analyze the results accordingly, taking into consideration all your variables. Slide Reduce Friction #2 The less the players have to wait for the action, the better. Make the user experience smooth with as little clicks as possible. Reduce the no. of steps to a minimum, but don’t forget to A/B test it. You’ll be surprised to learn that sometimes, the step you thought was boring and tedious, is what the players actually like and look forward to. Slide Avoid Free Samples #1 We tend to offer players a free trial for a new feature before we lock it behind a rewarded video, in hope to increase the game usage / retention, but this rarely works. More often than not, your players are actually curious and hungry for new content - so don’t be afraid to try it, and A/B test the different introductory options before giving it away. Slide Go for the Gold! Submit your hyper-casual summer☀️ sports game idea and run your game to the #1 spot 🥇 APPLY NOW Share our tips and add yours