Slide By Angela Michailov
UX/UI Lead Designer
5 Tips for a Perfect Icon
Slide Keep it Simple #5 Icons need to be clear & simple to understand, so focus on one object only. An icon that's too complicated will fail to communicate to your players what the game is all about. Slide Minimize the Color Palette #4 Colors help your game grab the player’s attention, but don’t use too many - 1 or 2 colors are enough. Simple icons drive much more conversion than complex ones. Slide Make it Iconic #3 Find a unique element and customize it so it's recognizable. You can make it dynamic by adding some action (use a clean character shape), using the character's facial expression, and going for contrasting colors. Slide Use Contrasting Shades & Colors #2 Contrast makes characters and elements stand out. If your icon's main element is light-colored, go for a dark background. If it's dark, choose a lighter background for your icon. Slide Make it Scalable

#1 Icons are used in several formats and in multiple sizes. Your icon needs to hold up to the standard while remaining unique. Make sure your icon looks good and fits all mobile devices, weather it's iOS, Android, or both.
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